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Yamaha’s first outboard motor – the P-7 - was released to the Japanese market in 1960, marking the start of over 50 years spent delivering the very best outboards that the market demands.

From the F2.5 to the F350 Petrol Outboards – there is one suitable for every boat.

OUTBOARDS IN STOCK in THE BARGE, ready to go   -  PDI if collected from Boatyard.  5 year Warrantee on purchase

Plus P&P and no PDI if outboard needs to be posted  - 

All other Yamaha Outboards available on order

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Yamaha F2.5 BMHS 4-stroke Outboards   -  

Compact Design – with greater combustion efficiency & economy with lower exhaust emissions, lower noise & vibration levels.  -  Sleek & Stylish

Ergonomically designed full size Tiller Handle with 360 Steering for simple control. Kill switch, lanyard & throttle cable are all built in.

Twist-grip throttle -  choke & Neutral & Forward gear shift within easy reach

Tell tail deflector prevents water getting into the boat  

Larger Carrying Handle at back of engine for portability

Splined Propeller - the gearbox uses a spline fitment for the prop, for max. durabiltiy.  A locking nut secures the 3 blade white alloy propeller

Built in - See through fuel tank & Oil Observation window to keep an eye on use.

Oil leak Free storage system allowing the engine to be stored in 3 positions.  Tilt Lock to prevent engine rotating when it is  tilted up into the boat.

F4, F5 & F6 - all easy to carry & easy to enjoy -

A Unique 3-position oil-leak-free storage system, allows the engine to be stored on its front or on either side without leaking into your locker or boot.

Convenient auxiliary primepump in cowling.

CDI ignition for easy starts in all conditions

Easy to use steering & large shift knob.

A switchable fuel supply allows you to use the convient built-in fuel tank for short journeys & simply plug in a remote fuel tank & switch the tap for longer trips.

A compact design incorporating large carrying handles for convenience & comfort & ensures that all the controls are easily reached & accessible from the boat.

A optional bolt on lighting coil & regulator/rectifier provides a reliable 12Voltm 6 Amp power supply for charging batteries.

YamahaF6 sm
 YamahaF9-9 sm


F8 & F9.9 - light weight, heavy weights with more power

CDI/TCI ignition for easy starting & ultimate reliability.  The compact twim cylinder, SOHC powerhead utilises a long stroke giving the new F8 & F9.9 and 8% bigger capacity for increased torque.

Easy starting - a manual pull start engine features a decompresser device that allows the engine to be spun over quickly for easy starting

Forward-Neutral-Reverse Gears make it safe & easy to manoevre.

Start-in-gear protection.  To prevent the engine from being accidentally started when in gear, an interlock system stop the starter pull-cord from being pulled.

New ergonomic shift lever & tiller.  The redesigned tiller arm incorporates a convenient gear shift lever within easy reach & a lanyard stop switch & friction throttle.

Strong integral carrying handles for light, comfortable portability

Shallow water drive allows for safer & easier inshore manoeuvring

Convenient vertical storage position.


F50 & F60 - Maximum enjoyment, minimum emissions

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) for cleaner performance & fuel efficiency

Micro-computer ECM (Engine Control Module) ensures maximum reliability

The overall dimensions of the 996cc purpose-designed unit are ultra compact while the low weight is similiar to a four-stroke 3 cylinder engine

In-line, 4-cylinder configuartion with long stroke engine design ensure smooth, usuable power & low noise

Digital network Gauges, the high performance DNG instruments utilise a LAN type system & simply plug into the unique Yamaha hubs to transfer data from engine to helm stations. 

Wide range Power Trim & tilt allows smooth control at the push of a button

Yamaha's ideal Anti corrosion Protection looks after your engine - for life

High Thrust FT50 & FT60 models are ideal for displacement hulls where pushing power is required.  Their large gearboxes accept High Thrust & Dual Thrust props with oversize blades

 YamahaFT60 sm
 YamahaF130 sm


F130 delivering the best power to weight in their class

DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) engine for improved performance. A single throttle body & long intake manifold, large cylinder capacity, compact 16-valve, in-line, 4-cylinder layout with DOHC is powerful, smooth & quiet.

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) for cleaner power delivery & fuel efficiency. Micro-computer controlled EFI delivers a precise amount of fuel for instant response & outstanding economy.

Single Belt cam drive, the 2 camshafts are driven by a single toothed belt ensuring smooth, reliable & quiet operation.  Easily accessible, the belt is virtually maintenance free.

The inique new SDS dampening system virtually eliminates the 'clunk' associated with putting an engine into forward or reverse.

Both the F130 & F115 feature long inlet tracts & single Throttle Valve technology.

Counter-rotating propeller variants for easier control of twin installations

SDS - Shift Damper System propeller options for quieter gear engagement

FOR OTHER SIZE YAMAHA OUTBOARDS CONTACT US ON -  01392 873044 OR EMAIL; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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