Humber - The Sea Pro Tenders

The Humber Sea Pro Tenders - LOA 3.1m & 3.4m with 1.54m Beam & The Humber Sea Pro Coastal Tender of LOA 4.0m with 1.72m Beam & 4.8m Model  with 2m Beam

This shallow V model range offers all the qualities of a RIB. 

Is easy to launch and recover.  

It will operate in shallow waters inaccessible to the deeper V Hulls

giving it greater versatility in Estuaries and Rivers.

A large diameter inflation collar combined with a moderately high bow provides a safe, comfortable dry ride whilst offering increased buoyancy and stability.

The high performance of the multi chine hull design provides outstanding acceleration and responsive handling when compared against deeper V hulls.

As less horsepower is required to plane this RIB fuel efficiency can be another obvious advantage.

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