Bow Damage repair - Dec 2014






Bow Damage when Island Rascal arrived





IRBowDamage3 IRGRP2
 Damage to the Bow from above  Boat inside shed.  Repair started by regaining hull shape with GRP
 GRP work continues - repair from outside Deck moulding cut out to gain access to repair from inside 
 Bow GRP Repair completed  1st coat of blue gelcoat
IRPaint2 IRPaint3
1st Rub down!  Bow topside prepartion for gelcoat
IRPaint4 IRbowFin
 Bow topside white gelcoat - 1st coat  Bow topsides finished with bow equipment fitted
IRbowFin2   IRbowfin3
Bow locker finished  Bow locker lid & Pulpit fitted
IRBowOsFin   IRbowOSfin2
 Bow finished, Name & new rope fender fitted  What hole?  Boat ready for launching!  
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